Media Bootcamp

Are you terrified of the media spotlight? Ready to nail your next interview?

In our Nail the Interview training, two working journalists will give you all the tools, information and insider knowledge you need to ace it.  

Your Instructors Have Been Published In:

This course is perfect for anyone needing to appear in the media spotlight: small business owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, and media spokespeople from small organisations or not-for-profits.  

Here's What You'll Learn: 

This jam-packed, professionally delivered media training will… 

  • Teach you what journalists want and expect during a media interview. 
  • Help you understand how to tailor your interview responses for radio, tv, print or online.
  • Give you tips so you are asked back again and again
  • Teach you to approach all media opportunities that come your way with ease and confidence
  • Advise you what to wear (and what NOT to wear) on television.
  • Give you specific steps to prepare for media interviews so you can use them over and over again.  
  • Show you how to predict what a journalist will ask, including the difficult questions.

Meet Your Instructors

Sue and Ginger are working journalists with 40 years of experience between them. They have an extensive background writing for, producing and working with some of Australia and the world’s biggest radio and TV stations, newspapers, magazines and online publications. 

This means you will be learning from journalists with current, insider industry knowledge.  

How We Can Help:

  • Do you want to learn to be the type of media talent who gets asked back again and again
  • Would you like to be able to predict what questions a journalist will ask? 
  • Are you ready to nail your next media interview

After our Nail the Interview training, you’ll have the formula and tools to approach all media interviews with ease and confidence. With its practical, "no fluff" content, Nail the Interview gives you access to 5 of the 7 modules from our full Media Bootcamp course.  

In over three hours of audio, broken down into digestible, easy to understand lessons taken straight from our popular Media Bootcamp, our Nail the Interview course will make sure you'll learn exactly what you need to know, without anything you don't.  

Nail the Interview includes 5 modules from the full Media Bootcamp course: 

Module 1: Understanding today's media environment. Module 2: Choosing the right platform for your story. Module 5: Preparing for an interivew. Module 6: Acing the interview. Module 7: Leveraging the opportunity.  

Nail the Interview DOES NOT include:

Module 3: Creating supporting materials to help sell your story. Module 4: Perfecting your pitch.  

However, after buying Nail the Interview, if you want to upgrade you'll be able to do this at any time and pay the just difference between the two course fees.  

Check out the course curriculum  

What People Are Saying:

The online Nail the Interview course may be a fresh new training, but our face-to-face course has been impressing participants since 2017, and journalists Sue and Ginger have been teaching, mentoring and public speaking for years alongside their writing careers. 

“Media Bootcamp was transformational. In a day I worked out my expertise and how I can apply that to my story. I found the training so valuable.” Pip

“Media Bootcamp was brilliant. I feel so much more confident about pitching myself to the media and in deciding which media is actually appropriate to my business and brand. It was incredibly useful to learn what the media actually cares about. That has saved me soooo much time. I also loved how practical the day was. I really enjoyed receiving expert feedback on my interview style. ” Samantha Nolan-Smith

“I feel infinitely more confident that I can tell my story well. Thanks Sue and Ginger. ” Sheree Henley

“Since Sue and Ginger asked me to help turn their popular face-to-face program into first-class online courses, I’ve been incredibly impressed: Media Bootcamp, Nail the Interivew and Pitch Like a Pro are 40 years of experience wrapped into professional, engaging and information-packed online media trainings.  

I've helped over 100 companies of all sizes develop online courses based on their expertise, and I can see a real expert a mile away. It was obvious to me from day one that these two know their stuff. Separately, Sue and Ginger's experience in the media is impressive. Together, it's unbeatable. Plus, they are generous in sharing their knowledge via insider tips, real world examples, activities and demonstrations designed to ensure their students get real world results.  

I’d highly recommend Media Bootcamp to anyone who wants to REALLY understand how to get publicity for their business, or be awesome in their next media interview. Even though I’ve been a fly on the wall through the many months of development for this one, I’m so impressed I’m going to be doing it myself start to finish!”  

Maria Doyle, Curriculum Development Specialist  

A Letter From Sue And Ginger Co-Founders Of Media Bootcamp and Nail the Interview

Have you ever wondered why the same people are featured in the mainstream media over and over again?  

It’s because they’ve learned the trick to becoming what we journalists and media folks call “good talent”.  

We’ve all seen it – you open the paper, click on a story online, or tune into the radio and hear a story featuring the same talking head you’ve seen numerous times before. How did they get there? Do they have some sort of open hotline to the country’s biggest media outlets? Do they have the names of top journalists on speed dial, and just call every day to see if they can come on air? Maybe, but probably not: it’s just that they’ve learned how to become the kind of interviewees journalists love. Good talent give us what we need to tell an engaging story, every time. Good talent always turn ups. Good talent knows how to add value to a journalist’s work. They make our stories great.  

Want to become good talent? We can teach you.  

Because, here’s the problem. Over our many, MANY (gosh, so many!) years working in the media, we’ve interviewed thousands of people. We’ve talked to activists and academics, scientists and students, the marginalised and the well meaning, as well as celebrities, CEOs and entrepreneurs. Some are great talent, and some are, well, to put it politely, not so great. It’s not their fault: there’s a formula to doing this well. We live and breathe the media every day: they don’t.  

If you want to nail your next media interview, we can help. 

You don’t need years of experience. You don’t need to be an incredible public speaker. You just need to understand the media landscape, and our formula for success. That's why we decided to break out 5 of the modules of our awesome, packed Media Bootcamp course and offer it to those who ONLY want to nail their next interview.  

If you are also going to be the person trying to interest the media in your story (ie: you'll be doing the selling - known as pitching in media parlance) you need our full Media Bootcamp course. But if acing your next interview is ALL you need to know, you can save yourself a few dollars, and some time, with this course.  

Like all our courses, we've gone for practical, "no fluff" content. Every second will add value to your work. Nail the Interview does this by giving you access to 5 of the 7 modules from our full Media Bootcamp course. It's all broken down into digestible, easy to understand lessons, and we make sure you'll learn exactly what you need to know, without anything you don't.  

For years, behind the scenes, we’ve both been helping CEOs, entrepreneurs, activists and business people nail each and every media interview.  

Last year, we joined forces and started working together on Media Bootcamp and our Nail the Interview training so that our students get the benefit of our forty years combined experience. Between the two of us, there’s nothing we don’t know about how to ace your next interview.  

We continue to be blown away by the response to our in person courses, but we know lots of you were missing out as you couldn’t come to us. So we’ve spent months working on this to make sure we've our online Nail the Interview course with insider tips, practical advice, and tons of activities to fast track you to becoming ‘good talent’.  

Want to get started? See you in the course!  

Sue and Ginger Media Bootcamp